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You Should Have A Website | It's 2017.

You should have a Website.

I am not saying this to sell you a product. I am saying it because it is the truth. If you own a business and you have no website, then you are losing potential customers. You can be certain of that. So again:

You.  Should.  Have.  A. Website. 

Maybe you sort of had a website once, but it never quite got finished. Maybe you actually did have one but the domain registration expired. Maybe you created a profile-page through a third party review site like Angie's List or Yelp. Maybe a friend of a friend is "working on the site,"  and it might be done next week. 

These are the things I hear when I ask business owners, like yourself, about their websites. But none of these reasons mean much to your potential customers, and they are the ones who are being let down.

They are being let down, because they cannot explore your space online, the way they can with so many other businesses. They cannot peruse your inventory on their phones the way so many customers like to do these days.

Inevitably, when your potential customer is unsure whether you carry that one item they really want, rather than call you they go to your competitors' website and find the item there.

Conratulatory email from Google Maps. Recipient has 4.5 million photo views.
Some stores are so busy watching Yelp
 they miss other opportunities, like maps
At best they might see your rating through a third party portal like Yelp. It may be a portal you've never even heard of, let alone set up a profile through. Those profile sites are not enough and to expect all of your potential customers to find your Yelp of Facebook profile is doing them and you a terrible disservice.

Because your customers might not like Facebook. They may not want to go through Yelp, where they will immediately see ads for three of your competitors.

You Should Have A Website.
In business perception is reality. Businesses without websites are not just powerless to shape public perception of them, they actively diminish that perception.

When someone takes the time to type the name of your business into a search box; when they make the effort to scan through the results looking for the actual business; what does it say that you have no digital space to welcome their interest?

Ask anyone what impression they have of businesses without websites. The answers you get will include words like: 'sketchy,' 'weird,' and 'unsafe.'

Does that describe your business?

Dirty and deserted storefronts of businesses with no websites.

You should have a Website.

I think I know why you haven't fixed the problem, too.  The Internet has been around for a while, and someone has probably told you all of this before. Right before they promised to sort you out for the low price of ...hundreds of dollars.

So despite knowing that you should have a website, you said "no," and have been seeking alternatives ever since.

The truth is that there are so many tools available now, that a designer can produce a professional Website for your business in one day. They can do so for much less than you probably think or have ever been quoted. In just one day and you can begin taking control of how your business is percieved.

You don't need a $5000 Website.
You don't need a $500 Website.
You just need a space of your own online; A digital storefront where your message can be seen.
Not my message; not a competitors message, not an unhappy ex-customer's message: Your message.

I can promise you your message will be seen. By everyone who uses Google Maps to find your services; By tourists who stumble across your business name. By local customers searching for a place to buy that exact thing that you sell. By the sort of customers you are hoping to attract. The number of times your message will be seen will amaze you. 

You Should Have A Website.

54 thousand.
That is how many times the content of the first website I ever built was viewed.

Last month.
Screenshot of Google Analytics charts showing x times images and website viewed.
Why you should have a Website

Fifty-four thousand potential customers saw my content instead of someone elses'. How much would that be worth to your business?

You Should Have A Website.

The solution is simple: build a website.
You can start basic and grow from there. Whether you are a manufacturing firm, a bakery or a startup digital marketer with little more than a vision of what 'should be;' you should have a website.

Arn Enterprizes builds  clean, beautiful,  professional business websites for as low as $50 per year. We will connect your new website to Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, Schedulicity, and every other social site out there free of charge. Your revenue will increase because more people will see, know of, and most importantly, come to your business.
A LOT more.

You Should Have A Website.

Yes, you should. If you're with me so far, let's talk about how I can help you build it...

Your new Website will be affordable.