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Plans & Services:

PLAN (A) You Should Have a Website.
+website +email +social profiles 
  • Custom website build with a top level domain closely or exactly matching your business name. Build includes splash-page, contact information, photography, customized design, sitelinks, product or service descriptions, and other branding elements. 
  • Custom email address ending with your new top-level domain name. 
  • Your website optimized for Search Engines and integrated with Google My Business, Google Maps, Google +,  Facebook, & Yelp Profiles. 
  • Ability to change and update your site and access to any analytics reports or other data derived from your site. 
  • Personalized marketing updates regarding local events, business intelligence, suggested changes to your site, etc. 


PLAN (B) You Need A Bigger Website.
+features +social monitor +search optimizer
  • Monthly consultations with your digital marketer to discuss online strategy, sales initiatives, seasonal changes, etc.
  • Website build will nclude image Search optimization and complete digital photography line. (All social media profiles)
  • Website build includes 3-5 additional webpages, enhanced sitelinks, backlinks generation, professional copy of product and service description of your business.


PLAN (C) Your Website needs Websites.
+social media management  +content-creation +brand building
  • Highly Recommended for any business who ranks at or below 3☆'s  on any review sites such as Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.
  • Complete 3rd party monitoring and rapid response program for negative reviews. 
  • This option can include targeted Ad purchases on 3rd party sites per Business owner's specific growth strategy.
  • Weekly Business updates from your site amd Business intelligence reports from your site traffic and around the market. 
  • Social Media management. Weekly content updates across channels.  Includes Blog posts, memes, reminders, etc. Traffic to your site=Traffic to your store.
  • Plan C drives business using content production. Your social media sites become more than splash pages. They become extensions of your Business. 


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