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Bridging the Digital Divide | Arn EnterPrizes

Arn EnterPrizes is a  Digital Content Production & Marketing Firm based in Denver, Colorado.

I founded  Arn EnterPrizes  on the idea that the opportunities presented by the digital and social revolutions have not been equally distributed. Although larger corporations have successfully leveraged their knowledge and size to  take advantage of new trends and technologies; millions of mom-and pop, franchisee, and owner-operator businesses throughout the country have been virtually, if not actually, left behind.

How has this occurred?

Simply put, there is knowledge gap that has disallowed many small businesses from entering and competing in the new digital marketplace. Business owners, many of whom were considered risk-takers and entrepreneurs when they founded their businesses, are now viewed as obsolete if they don't so much as have a facebook page. Looking back on the pace of  change it is easy to see why these owners might look on the new marketplace as foreign if not hostile. 

If you don't own a mobile phone how could you consider Yelp anything but a potential plague upon your business? All you may be aware of is that people complain incessantly to earn 'badges' while you're constantly being harassed by sales calls offering to "improve your rating?"  

These Business owners are largely successful in other areas and many know the ins-and-outs of their business far better than the corporate world at large likes to give them credit for. But to bridge the divide in opportunities; to make the Internet more closely resemble "the great equalizer" as it was once openly described, requires a new approach.

My Company  endeavours to bridge the knowledge gap by directly offering business owners a line of products that include digital architecture and the training and systems to understand this new market and how they can leverage it best to their advantage. We will win the market not with calls or emails, but face to face interactions at the local level. 

We want to develop high-quality personal marketing relationships with business owners who have been mostly abandoned by the digital marketing profession. We believe that while  a splash page with a few links and helpful information for potential customers might not seem like much of a project, a sober look at the many millions of businesses that have yet to claim their digital space, present nothing if not a massively unrealized business opportunity.

The sheer size of this market portends to something more revolutionary, however. That is the potential rise of "local digital coalitions," or a time, as we envision it, when digital architecture more closely resembles geophysical reality. Emergent will be organizations that don't just compete with large conglomerates in things like Search but regularly trounce them. 

We're iconoclasts, if that wasn't already clear.

The future is local. We welcome any business that wants or needs help marketing itself digitally. I promise only that our prices will be reasonable and that our ideas will be outrageous.

-Justin Arn