Automobile Title

A Certificate of Title from the State of Wyoming

The State of Wyoming requires a Certificate of Title for all Motor Vehicle sales or transfers.

The Title must carry a notarial stamp from a Notary Public, verifying the presence and signature of the Seller and the buyer (although in many cases, the county clerk can verify and notarize for the buyer.

In many private sales, the Sellers have a difficult time finding a Notary Public to notarize their signature during non-business hours. Call Today to schedule an Appointment with our Public Notary, who can meet you at a time and place that is convenient for YOU.

BILL OF SALE March 2019_201903071125125757.pdf

Bills of Sale

A Bill of Sale should accompany every Auto title transaction. These are helpful for the Seller, to maintain their records, and for the buyer when attempting to transfer the title into their name.

In some instances, Notarized Bills of Sale are required for vehicles currently titled and registered in Wyoming. See the Natrona County Website for more details.