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Google Reviews now shareable across Social Platforms.

GOOGLE Maps reviews can be shared on Social.

2/08/2017 Justin Arn

Business listings in Google are important

Reviews on Google Maps can now be shared across Social Media.

Have you neglected your Google Maps reviews and focused too much on other customer rating sites? Big mistake. 

Google Maps contribution program, the little known Local Guides, has been amping up its review numbers, going so far as to wage contests between regions with the winner determined by which area's Local Guides review the most businesses in a month.

Now, in an effort to further extend the importance of Google reviews, users can share them across Social Media platforms. Beginning this week, a review that may formerly have been confined to Google Maps could show up on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or any number of media platforms. It remains to be seen how those reviews look and whether the open graph protocol is used.

The rollout is beginning with Level 2+ Local Guides, so these editors will need to have produced only five pieces of content (photos, reviews, corrections) in order to share their reviews, but this will undoubtedly extend systemwide before the year is out (I'd venture to say before the summer begins).

If you are a business owner and have not resonded to your Google reviews, now is a good time to begin.  You can do so by claiming your business listing on Maps and downloading Google My Business, which helps manage your lisiting by allowing you to quickly respond to customers, gather basic analytics, and monitor your view-counts.

Pet store shelves.

Managing your Google listing is the number one thing you can do to improve your business right now. Google cntends to promote the primacy of Maps and its other Search Products and the effect that a mismanaged or orphaned listing can have upon business is profound.

If you need help managing your Maps listing, responding to reviews, garnering more reviews, or improving your online presence send me an email and we can start managing your position rather than just accepting it.