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Leveraging Great Reviews | How to Win at Social Media

Leveraging Great Reviews | Or How to Win the Social Media Game. 

2/14/2017 Justin Arn

I would like to take a moment to thank Ms. Cindy Kindt, the owner of Pet Me Please Pet Supply on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights. Pet Me Please already has a strong Brand image in the community; as evidenced by its customer reviews.  But now the business has a Website and Facebook Page capable of spreading that image. 

Charlie the Cat, Pet Me Please's resident Feline takes center stage in both outlets, for obvious reasons. I mean just look at him:

Beautiful golden Tabby at Pet Me Please.

That's a winner if I ever saw one.

Leveraging Reviews  | Stars Alone Won't Save You. 

I encounter many businesses that have the same problem as Pet Me Please. In the community they serve, they are well-loved and regularly earn 5-star reviews. But then nothing happens. Those strong showings don't translate into more business. They serve only to keep the ship steady and afloat. That is exactly the problem.

Great reviews alone do not guarantee success. They only guarantee that customers aren't being driven away needlessly.  In order for them to do more, reviews must be advanced to the digital public in a deliberate and targeted manner.  You can pay advertising fees to Facebook or Yelp to do this, but before you do, I recommend working with the audience you have first.  Ask for their help in spreading your message. Begin with a quick 'hello' over FB messenger or through Yelp's messaging service. 
An example message might go something like this:

Dear [Customer]

Thank you so much for taking the time to [check in, leave review, share, etc] this business on [Facebook, Yelp, Google, etc.]! We are a local business that very much depends upon the loyalty of customers like yourself and it can be difficult to get the word out.

So I hope you don't mind me asking you a personal favor: if you know of anyone else who might like the [product/service] we offer here, please let them know about us by sharing, inviting or suggesting our [Facebook page/Website] with them. So many instances I meet customers who love our product but for the longest time, didn't even know we were here! If anyone like that crosses your mind, I would appreciate it tremendously.

I want to thank you again for visiting us and I hope to meet you personally the next time you stop by. Please don't hesitate to call if there's anything I can help you with.

Warm regards,
[Business owner]
[Business phone number]

I challenge you to send that to every single person on your Website's mailing list or every follower your business currently has on FB.  See if it works.  I don't know how many times I've checked into or reviewed a business, but I can count on one hand, the number of times any of them have reached out to me to thank me for my visit. The difference between those four or five shops and all of the others, however is profound.

Being great at what you do does not guarantee successful in business. In most cases understanding how to leverage that greatness is what will truly drive success.

Good Luck!

Do you want help responding to customer reviews? Do you want to leverage good reviews into more revenue?  Call or Message Arn Enterprizes today, and we can begin making those reviews work for you, not the other way around.