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You should have a Website.

You should have a website.

"Never tell a customer 'you should;'  it's a lousy sales tactic."

My first boss told me that, and he was right. In this instance, however, I'm not selling anything. I am offering a truth, for every business owner who may still not want to admit it. 

You.  Should.  Have.  A.  Website. 

Maybe you sort of had one once, but it was never finished. 

Maybe you created a profile-page through some 3rd party review site like Yelp, or Facebook  Maybe a customer created that profile for you, and you're not even sure what it says. Maybe a friend of a friend is working on one for you and 'it will be done next week.'

We've heard all these excuses before, and when I say 'we,' I'm talking from about your customers. Because they've heard it all too, and after all it is your customers who are being let down.

Deserted steets and ugly boarded up businesses.
These businesses had no websites.

They are being let down, because they cannot explore your space online, the way they can with so many other businesses. They cannot peruse your inventory on their phones the way so many customers like to do these days.

Inevitably, when your potential customer is unsure whether you carry that one item they really want, rather than call you they go to your competitors' website and find the item there.

You should have a website.
A professional Web-designer can make a professional digital space for your brick-and-mortar business in less than a day.
Yes.  In only one day.

I can already hear the resistance.
"What exactly is a website after all? Isn't my Yelp profile good enough?"

No, it is not good enough. Neither is your FaceBook page or your Chamber of Commerce bio. Because your customers might not like Facebook. They may not want to go through Yelp, where they will immediately see ads for three of your competitors. Your customers just want to find out about you; your business, your perspective.

Not mine.
Not your competitors'.
Not an unhappy ex-customer's.
Your Perspective.

Your business perspective:

In just one hour it can be crafted, published, and laid out for the world to see.

And it will be seen
By everyone who uses Google Maps to find your services; By everyone who searches for or stumbles upon your business name; By everyone that ever knew you.

I could throw all sorts of  insane statistics around that would strain credulity. But instead I would like to give you my perspective.

Last Month the content I produced for a single business, the first one I ever represented actually, was viewed fifty-four thousand times. 

Analytics view showing 54 thousand page views.
Why you should have a website.

The digital space I crafted for that very small business reached 54k potential customers in December of 2016.

In business, perception is reality. Businesses without websites are not just powerless to shape  public perception of them, they actively diminish that perception.

When someone hears about your business; takes the time to type your name into a search box; then scans the results to find out more about you; what does it say that you have no digital space to welcome their interest? What does it say that you let strangers define who you are and what you offer? 

Ask anyone how they think of businesses who have no direct websites. You're going to hear words like: 'sketchy,' 'wierd,' and 'unsafe.'

Does that describe your business?

You Should Have A Website.

Whether you're a manufacturing firm, a bakery or a startup digital marketer with little more than a vision of what 'should be,' you should have a website. My company builds and maintains beautiful, clean, professional business websites for as low as $30 per year.

Thirty dollars. Your Website. One Year. 

You should have a website.
and you should let us help you build it.

How we are going to build your website.