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Images are Important

Images are Important.

1/25/2017 Justin Arn

A beautifull flower image in the foam of a latte

How do people recognize brands? Through iconic imagery. The McDonald's Archs',and  the Nike Swoosh are  brand images that live inside our heads. These companies have spent countless millions driving this imagery in our minds year after year. They do this because they know the importance of visual association.

Most small businesses don't have the budget to impress a brand image into the national consciousness. They do however, have the ability to shape and mold local customer awareness regarding their brand and product. The problem is that in the digital age so does everyone else.

I can alter your customers perception of your business by writing a review or leaving a rating. Or worse, I could  snap an unflattering picture of your business and post it on any number of different widely respected social sites.

Google email thanks me for the images I've submitted.
I sure hope Best Buy liked that pic....
This happens every single day. Google regularly congratulates its Local Guides with stats on how those photos are perform. Here's one I received. 

Images are Important.

 Are you a business owner? Give this a try:
  • Type  your business name into Google Maps Search bar. Scroll down and stop at the very first image you see.  
  • Now look through all of your images. Especially keep an eye out for the user submitted ones. How do they make your business look?  (If you've claimed your business on Google Maps: Congratulations you're already ahead of the game! If you've submitted images as the owner, you're even further ahead, if you've submitted images in the last week, then you're really helping yourself out!)
  • Ask yourself this: if you were a customer would you shop at your store based on the user-submitted images? How do those images compare to those of your competitors?  How many appealing high quality photos would a customer need to see to negate the impression that a unfavorable image might leave? Two? Five?

Customers see images. Lots and lots of them.  They form their impression of your business based on these visuals.  You should constantly be uploading fresh, high quality imagery to social sites to ensure that the impression your customers form of you is based your perspective, not a random customers'.

Images are important. 

The images you post should be: 
  • Current. (I can't stress this enough)
  • High resolution. 
  • Light-weight if possible (as in space)
I recommend posting two owner supplied images for every user-submitted one and many more if the user-submits are unfavorable.

How important are images? Take a look at that email Google sent me one last time:

5 million reasons images are important.

Five million total views from only 1000 photos, and I'm just one guy running around with a smart-phone.

Images are that Important.